Rap Artist, Songwriter, Superstar

Charlotte, NC

Problem Child, EP release date TBA

Dolo Devo, is native of Charlotte North Carolina, who started his career as an hiphop artist, at the ripe young age of 14. 

He has been surrounded by music his entire life. His father was a hiphop artist who performed in local groups with other local artist from around the Charlotte area. He was influenced by his father’s career as a hip hop artist, due to him spending a great deal of time in the studio as a kid. 

Dolo Devo had his first musical awakening when he crafted his first EP, My Story Real, at the age of 23 (2018) with StreetzSmartz Music Group.

This project weaves between hard-hitting songs that touch on heart felt issues in “Intro: Dolo Devo Fa Real” and more personal narratives in "Regular Artist”. 

After taking a brief moment to re-evaluate his career path, Dolo Devo decided he was ready to get back to his passion as a hiphop artist. It was then that he had his second musical awakening, and took everything he had learned over the years and implemented it.

 His next project, a greatly anticipated EP, titled Problem Child is a cohesive concept driven by a well-produced fusion of all of his past experiences and perceptions. Problem Child, which  is slated to be released first quarter of 2021, features his latest single “Straight Neck” and is available on all streaming platforms now! 

YouTube:  @DoloDevo

IG: @Dolo.Dovo

Facebook: @DoloDevo

Twitter: @DoloDevo

"You're next young bruh!"”

— Anthony Hamiton - Singer, Songwriter & Actor

Great visual, great verse & energy...”

— Sha Money XL - Producer & Music Executive

"Nephew is a SUPER STAR!"”

— Tone-X - Comedian & Radio Host